Business Names for Fashion Outlets and Clothing Retailers

Whether you are acting as a fashion outlet, a clothing wholesaler or a budding entrepreneur launching a new empire of trendy boutiques, the prospect of making money from the latest styles and designs should be bright and appealing. Naturists aside, there is an instant global market available and by choosing business names that make your products stand out, it becomes much easier to gain your share of a vast but competitive market.

Choosing Relevant Business Names

Although many clothing products are sold on the reputation of a brand (such as Levi’s for denim jeans), developing an instant global identity without some initial groundwork is virtually impossible. For this reason, it pays to choose business names that are relevant to the clothing you are trying to sell. ‘David’s Denims’ gives a clear indication that the business sells jeans, jean jackets and denim work wear. Similarly, ‘Big, Tall and Beautiful’ will inspire confidence for slightly oversized prospects looking for a large-sized clothing range.

Adopt Successful Trends

While it is never advisable to choose business names that are too similar to those used by your competition, it is worth paying attention to different identities to establish ideas and concepts that actually work. Fashion Designers, in particular, will usually be aware of successful brands using personal names. Although it isn’t necessarily easy to build a brand using the name of an unknown designer, anybody with complete confidence in their products might give the idea consideration. After all, the next Yves Saint Laurent or Henri Lloyd could be ready and waiting to burst onto the fashion scene.

Keep it Short

Try not to choose business names that overcomplicate your products and services. In an ideal world, a business name for your clothing empire should only consist of one to four words. As well as being easier to remember, short business names make other necessities (such as stationary or signage) cheaper to produce and simpler to create. Some of the biggest fashion successes in recent times, including Stone Island and Penguin, are simple, straightforward and downright cool!

Business Names with Irresistible Wording

As with any other product, clothing has to meet particular needs in the eyes of your customers and business names should reflect those requirements. Consider how you want be perceived. Do words like ‘chic’, ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’ describe your clothing range or are you focused on ‘practicality’, ‘warmth’ and ‘comfort’. A new range of pyjamas to keep wearers warm during the cooler winter months, for example, could easily be called ‘Snug-Bugs’ or ‘Woolly Winter Warmers’.

Trying on your Business Names

In the same way as your customers will want to try on your clothing range before committing to a purchase, a fashion retailer or wholesaler should consider trying on their business names for size. List your ideas and talk to prospects or other clothing experts about your ideas. Tell them your thoughts regarding business names without explaining the line of clothing itself. If others can predict the type of clothing you plan to sell through any of your listed business names, you should be on to a winner.

Look for business names that are as cool and stylish as your clothing and your new venture could be the cream of the catwalk.

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